Developmental & Copyediting

Editing (from developmental edits, line edits, to heavy or light copyediting) depending on your needs.

In developmental editing, I focus on organization, structure, storyline, plot, development of characters, logic and sequence of ideas, theme, and resolution. I also

  • highlight specific scenes that do not work and provide suggestions

  • highlight where the author can use dialogue rather than narration and provide alternatives (show vs. tell)

  • suggest where the manuscript can be tightened or revised to engage the reader and help with storyline flow

  • suggest additions regarding characterization, setting, or plot


In the copyediting process, I read the work line by line and perform the basic tasks listed below:

  • read for content, style, and syntax

    • provide comments when something is not clear or has redundancies

    • suggest alternative wording if necessary

  • pinpoint digressions or other narrative flaws

  • read for grammar, punctuation, and spelling



In proofreading text, I check for/perform the following basics:

  • typographical errors

  • inconsistencies

  • errors in usage

  • punctuation

  • formatting document

  • matching table of contents to chapter titles

Having a book edited and proofread is only part of the job. A badly formatted manuscript can derail your project with a slew of negative reviews that can hinder your launch, sales, and reputation.

I am proficient in using Microsoft Word, Vellum, and Google Docs.



I help shape my editing and proofreading services to meet your individual editing needs. 


For fiction, editing rates vary by category. Please contact me for more details and a quote or to discuss your project in further detail.

My current rate for academic and nonfiction work is $45 per hour. This fee also depends on the length, content, and turnaround time specifications. 


I do request a deposit to secure services (amount depending on the project). 



Manuscript evaluations are available. An evaluation includes:

  • Comments on the content, including but not necessarily limited to characterization, dialogue, setting, and believability; 

  • Steps to take to develop the manuscript; and

  • Responses to any specific questions requested by the author.

  • The evaluation does not include any type of copyediting or proofreading.


Editing Tools

Proficient with Microsoft Word for document creation, layout, review/edits, proofreading, and more.

I can also help you prepare, format, and export your books with Vellum.


As a production editor, I use the following tools:

  • Dropbox

  • Google Docs


My strong organizational skills allow me to manage a team of Beta Readers (and ARCs) in order to include edits into a writer's production schedule. If you want to learn more about production editing and how it can dramatically lower your book-to-book turnaround time, don't hesitate to contact me.



I can format your documents with Microsoft Word.

I also can format & export your eBooks with Vellum, resulting in beautiful electronic (& paperback) books.


I understand that a writer's time is his/her most valuable asset. I can assist in the task of doing research and compiling documents, which helps an author with the information they need for their books so they can focus on what matters most, his or her writing. I also have experience in assisting with generating newsletters and mailers, marketing books, and social media posts.