A Measure of Darkness Review

I liked that this book was set in the Bay Area in California. I was born and raised in the area. That being said, at first I had a difficult time getting into the book.

In the beginning chapters, the sentences were short and stilted making it difficult to get involved in the storyline. I liked the characters of Clay Edison and Delilah and how they worked together. Edison’s style seemed natural and I easily liked his demeanor and the way he worked and interacted with the other characters. Mid-way through the book, it began to feel heavy—meaning I was getting tired and just wanting to find out what happened and how the story would turn out.

The story seemed to drag on and had many sub-plots that took me out of the main storyline and those sub-plots felt a little flat. The overall resolution was relatively satisfactory, but I will pause before reading another book by the Kellermans.


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