The Blue Ribbon: Part 3 by Paula Lopez

Please enjoy part 3 of The Blue Ribbon. Read part 1 here and part 2 here.

It’s Saturday, and Sylvie has no plans for the day other than to go to the craft store to buy supplies for her upcoming art project with a group of kids at the community center. She also wants to see about getting something special for Carl.

The parking lot is pretty empty for a Saturday as she pulls into a slot. The door chimes as she enters, and she waves to Mrs. Henshaw, the owner. Sylvie wheels the cart around the store gathering multi-colored paper, glue sticks, packages of stickers, and other fun and colorful items she thinks the kids will enjoy. She passes by a row of ribbon and yarn and stops to gaze at all the beautiful colors. She grabs a spool of ribbon and heads toward the checkout counter.

“Are you buying blue ribbon again?” the store clerk blurts out.

“Yes,” Sylvie says, her eyes downcast.

“What kind of project are you doing that you need so much blue ribbon? You just bought two spools last week, girl. You are obsessed!”

“It’s for my little brother.”

“Your brother? What could he possibly need so much ribbon for, especially for a boy!” the clerk laughs.

Sylvie glances up and states, “He has autism. He likes ribbon. It helps him when he gets upset or feels out of control.”

“Oh, crud. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by that.”

“He seems to like blue. Silky things.” Sylvie pays and grabs the bag filled with her purchase and heads to the door. A lump forms in her throat. She can barely breathe or swallow. It pains her to think of the trap her brother lives in. She wants to scream out how unfair the world can be. But she knows it would do no good. Everyone goes through things. But she feels so alone. Imagine how Carl must feel and the dark dungeon that is his life.

* * *

Stay tuned for part 4

Until next time, happy reading, and have a wonderful day.

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