The Fallen Girls (Detective Clara Jefferies Book 1) by Kathryn Casey

A closed-off town, a disappearance, and roadblocks left and right. These types of obstacles make for a good mystery in The Fallen Girls. Clara, a Dallas detective, is called back to her family home by a long-time friend who is also a cop because Clara’s sister is missing. Clara is caught between doing her duty and having to straddle the line of the family she left behind and trying to get information about her missing sister. The subplots were done well, moved the main storyline along, and kept me interested.

The main character, Clara, is well developed. The story delves into a small town polygamous Mormon town in Utah. I was absorbed in the story from page one until the explosive and exciting ending.

Kathryn Casey writes an intricate and page-turning mystery. I liked her writing style. She gave enough details to keep the story moving forward but did not bog it down with extraneous information. The dialogue was done well and was realistic. All the characters were developed well and were unique. Even though the reader may know how the book will end, it is no less intense and heart-pounding.

I’m excited to read more in this series, and I want more!

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Until next time, happy reading, and have a wonderful day.

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