Desolate Shores (An Aspen Adams Novel of Suspense Book 1) by Daryl Wood Gerber

Desolate Shores is a great start to a new series by Daryl Wood Gerber.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters, their stories, and the troubles they face or have faced in their lives, which makes for relatable characters and storyline. I liked the interactions with Aspen and Nick and the tension and snarkiness between them. The author does a good job with scene descriptions, and I can see myself in the settings.

The characters were well developed and likable, and the setting and premise of the book were done well by the author. I especially liked Aspen’s niece, Candace, and I hope she will be a recurring character in future books.

I liked that Aspen was a former therapist reinventing herself and her career, as this is the same as me!!

Overall, Desolate Shores is a good mystery full of suspects, which kept me reading to find out what happened. I am looking forward to more stories and adventures with these characters.

Until next time, happy reading, and have a wonderful day.

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