Have you met Libby?


I usually buy my books either from a local bookstore or via Amazon, iBooks, or Kobo. However, I needed a book right away for a class I was taking and ran across an app that allowed me to use my library card to check out the book on my iPad.

Did you know that you can borrow e-Books and audiobooks for free using a simple app on your phone or tablet? Have you met Libby?

Libby is a great app and the easiest way to get read digital books, audiobooks, and magazines directly from your public library.

You can get the app from the Apple Store, Google Play, or Microsoft. Here is a link to the website for more details: https://meet.libbyapp.com/

Libby is easy to use. Explore all that is available after signing in with your library card information (you can get a library card online). You can sign into multiple libraries with the same library card. You can read or listen to the books on the Libby app, or Libby allows you to send the book to your Kindle device.

If you aren’t sure of a book or audiobook, that’s not a problem. Libby lets you sample the book first without having to download anything.

You can read instantly download a book, audiobook, or magazine if it’s available or place a hold on a book if it’s already checked out. The app provides an estimate of the time it will take to be available if checked out.

The interface is quite simple, and there are several features for both books and audiobooks. There is also a helpful guide within the app.

Once again, here is a link to the website for more details: https://meet.libbyapp.com/

Until next time, happy reading, and have a wonderful weekend.

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