Book Recommendation of the Week

I am trying a new feature and will be posting a weekly (hopefully) Book Recommendation. Today's feature is Save the Cat by Blake Snyder.

Hollywood says it’s all in the logline or one-line. What is the logline? The logline is a sentence grabber that tells everything about the movie in one sentence. If the hook is done well, it can draw in people to want to find out more. With so much information and data coming at each of us through social media and television, is it any wonder that our attention spans only last for 12 seconds? (This measurement is according to results of a study done in 2000, and recently, Microsoft conducted a study showing a decline to 8 seconds.)

So to “hook” a reader, moviegoer, television ad, an author, a studio, or an advertiser needs a catchy and good tag line.

In Save the Cat, author Blake Snyder walks the reader through the various steps and techniques on screenwriting. I am listening to the audiobook alongside the Kindle version and the author is informative with multiple examples and he is funny in his delivery of the material. The information presented has me looking at movies and trailers with a new eye and trying to determine if the logline and the film follow the conventional three acts he describes.

This book was more about screenwriting and movies but could apply to authors on how to create a good tagline and how to enhance the arc and storyline of a character to keep readers interested.

In the coming weeks, I will read the book with a similar title but geared toward novel writing, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody. I will keep you posted.

Have a wonderful week.

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