Magpie Murders: A Novel by Anthony Horowitz

This book was equivalent to reading a history book, a historical fiction, and a modern-day mystery. My niece recommended I read Magpie Murders, and she usually has good recommendations, so when I first started reading the book I thought, “what did she get me into,” but after the initial couple of chapters and the more I read, the more I liked this book. The book was a mystery, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in another mystery.

The characters were pretty well developed, and the story inside the story was done well and kept me interested and entertained. Only when I got to the latter part of the book did it start to wane and I became irritated that it was taking so long to unravel each of the mysteries. I noticed I began to skim through the pages (much like the editor in the book) to get to the ending and the whodunit conclusion. The book inside the book read like an Agatha Christie/Columbo type novel.

Overall, a reasonably solid read.

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