Two Book Reviews

I have two book reviews for you today. One is non-fiction about networking for introverts, the other is a mystery novel. I hope you enjoy the reviews.

The following is my review of Taking the Work Out of Networking by Karen Wickre. I love the fact the author is from San Francisco as I am also from the Bay Area and like to read local authors.

Networking is a scary process for an introvert especially for me having to push myself into networking and having to talk about myself. I'm a social worker by trade, which you would assume would make me more an extrovert since I have to meet people on a daily basis, but it is mostly listening to others discuss themselves (which is great for my personality type). I’m much more comfortable observing and letting others take the lead in talking. As a freelance editor, I have to market myself and network, so this will be a good book for me to learn strategies to do just that and to use my natural abilities.

I liked the "try it out suggestions" as they were beneficial in providing talking points and exercises; for example, the section on small talk and using social media to do live chats. The social media section in part 2 was invaluable and provided several suggestions on how to use some of the various platforms to engage and enhance your profile.

Overall, Taking the Work Out of Networking is a solid resource to use as a starting point for introverts to dip their toes into the water of networking.

Foul Play on Words by Becky Clark Review

Foul Play on Words by Becky Clark started with some funny one-liners, but then it began to try too hard to continue to be funny, and it came off as a bit juvenile. The dialogue lacked believability and depth. Charlee, the main character, comes across as brash in her dealings with people she encounters at the hotel and writer’s conference.

Unfortunately, most of the characters were one dimensional, the plot and mystery outcome rather comical (and not in a good way). The only redeeming qualities were the dogs and the dog show in the storyline.

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