Her Final Confession by Lisa Regan

Her Final Confession (A Josie Quinn Mystery) by Lisa Regan was quite the addictive book (as described). Josie Quinn is a strong lead female character, and I enjoyed the interactions between her and the other characters. Their dialogue and interactions were believable. The book even has the typical higher-up that clashes with Josie and Chitwood fit the bill perfectly for being a difficult adversary.

There were parts in the story where I felt I missed some backstory regarding the characters in having not read all of the previous books, but the author did a good job in giving just enough information to understand the plot.The story toward the end was a bit hard to follow, but overall Her Final Confession was a page-turning mystery, and the book was hard to put down and kept my interest throughout. I like Lisa Regan's writing style and the pace of this storyline. I would recommend adding this book to your reading list.

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