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* I have edited other fiction novels not listed on my website.


"Working with Paula on my books has been an incredible experience. Not only is she a skilled editor and proofreader, but she has taken over most of the process of publishing my books (as a production editor), which allows me to focus on writing alone. She works with speed and efficiency and has assisted me in developing a schedule, allowing me to reduce my procrastination and, indirectly, hold me accountable for my days.


She is well versed with today's latest tools (i.e., Dropbox, Google Docs, Vellum, Scrivener, etc.), tools that many other editors won't touch. I can't imagine ever having to change editors in the future. Working with Paula is a pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to focus on writing and feel confident in letting Paula take care of the rest, whether it be researching, or managing your ARC and Beta reader team. Paula can do all these things with ease." - Bestselling SciFi Author Christian Kallias

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Science Fiction by Don Richey


Science Fiction/Space Opera by Clara Woods

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Fantasy Book by C.J. Hope

Science Fiction & Fantasy Books by Brandon Ellis

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