Fiction Portfolio*

Below are some of the fiction books I have edited.


In addition, I am the production editor for Science Fiction author, Christian Kallias. As his production editor, I proofread and edit his books. I coordinate, interact, and manage his Alpha and ARC Team Readers. I oversee Christian’s marketing, which includes securing book features, updating his website, generating and sending newsletters and mailers, and managing all his social media accounts.


What I enjoy about working with Christian is that I can start at the beginning of the planning stage of a book, and I work with him through the various aspects of the book production all the way through release date and after. I’ve created Vellum copies of all Christian’s books, even generating some paperbacks.

* I have edited other fiction novels not listed on my website.

List of other edited books (please scroll down to see all books).

All covers for Vellum1500.jpg
Fire At Will.jpg
Make It So.jpg
1st Trilogy.jpg

Fantasy Book by C.J. Hope

Science Fiction & Fantasy Books by Brandon Ellis

Martian Plague.jpeg
Martian Insurrection.png
Martian Ark.jpg
Martian Earth (4).jpg
Martian Legacy.jpg

Science Fiction/Space Opera Books by Clara Woods

Mind Mage.jpg

Paula has made a real impact on me as a writer. Her recommendations are invaluable, and everything she suggests is well thought out. Overall, working with Paula is a pleasure! She’s responsive, quick, and always goes the extra mile. Super recommended! - Author Clara Woods



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